Ashton Fields

Ashton Fields is a native of Oak Forest, Illinois. She is currently attending University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with a major in Global Studies. She is also studying Korean and plans to study abroad in South Korea next year.

Ashton has been playing sports her whole life. For most of her life, she balanced dance and softball. Softball then became the sport she wanted to succeed at. Ashton was a four-year varsity softball player at Oak Forest High School. One of her biggest accomplishments was receiving All-Conference her junior and senior year. The best part of her softball journey was creating friendships and bonds through a sport she loved to play. She also loved to run softball camps and educate younger athletes. Although her softball career has come to an end, she is excited to incorporate sports into her daily life again.

When she’s not in school or working, Ashton loves to go on picnics, thrift with her friends, and cooking.